Two Delay's are Better Than One

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The delay pedal is a pure addiction as it can add textures and soundscapes to any song, no matter the style. It's not uncommon to see players with two delay pedals on their board, one for long lasting delays and one for slapback/early reflections.  
Another interesting way to use two delay pedals would be simultaneously where the reflections of one delay pedal feeds into the second pedal offering very interesting and creative rhythmic sounds. So many hits songs have include that dual delay sound, including U2's epic "Where The Streets Have No Name". Revisit that classic and tell me you don't want to be like the Edge. 

Have a look and listen to the following examples which were created using an ENGL DM60 delay, and a Palmer Analog Delay. Note that the DM60 is routed to the Palmer. 

In this first example, the DM60 is set to a medium delay and single repeat. This produces a staccato rhythm perfect for chords broken out into single notes. The Palmer is set to a short-medium delay and single repeat, which produces a slapback sound. Also note that Palmer and DM60 level knobs are set at 2 o'clock and 4  o'clock. The results speak for themselves. 

In this next example, we will keep the same settings as before, but introduce additional repeats to each pedal. This creates a great percussive effect for tight chord progressions. Pop a filter pedal in there and now you're cooking!

In the final example, the DM60 is set to a long delay time and the max amount of repeats it can handle. The Palmer is then used to create delay feedback effects at fast and slow tempos. This is a great ambient noise texture a la Radiohead.   

As you can hear, the creative possibilities are endless when it comes to the soundscapes created with dual delay pedals. And as there are so many affordable options available, it's an easy addition to any players pedalboard.  

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