Getting ThePedalGuy Amp/Cabinet Sound

If there's one thing you can count on, is that when we produce a video for our site, we take great care in trying to deliver the most accurate audio examples that we can. Having said that, we will always strive to "keep it real" by making sure that the amp we use for the video content being created is a real amp. Certainly there are times where we will use modeled amps, such as the HeadRush, which is a modeling marvel. Other than that, it's Au Natural. 

Aside from the amp, a vital component to "ThePedalGuy" sound is a speaker isolation cabinet, courtesy of Axetrak. Based in Lake Forest, CA Axetrak offers a compelling line of hand built isolation cabinets that will give you the full amp/cabinet sound, without getting much louder than a Pignose Amp. It's a perfect solution to create loud recordings without the volume. If you live in an apartment or condo, it's an essential tool. 

Of course, we also have a nice variety of amps as well, but that will be a blog post for another day. 


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