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Our Mission Statement: To discover, promote, and provide the very best pedals for every member of the band.

Pedals are pure inspiration for nearly every member of the band. They help musicians discover a new level of sonic creativity at the mere push of a button and turn of a knob. In essence, they become a new instrument to play. Best of all, it doesn’t matter what you play; Guitar Pedals, Bass Pedals, Vocal Pedals, etc. Odds are, there’s a pedal or series of pedals made just for you to express yourself uniquely.  

ThePedalGuy was created for a singular purpose, to introduce musicians to the world of pedals in a way that won’t find anywhere else. We are pure evangelists and fans of what pedals can do, so we want to share our knowledge and excitement with our customers in an environment that is both informative and inspiring. With so many pedals to choose from, it’s our mission to assist customers in understanding the features and benefits of the pedals we carry. We do this by providing outstanding customer service, an easy return policy, and exclusive video content that offers an explanation of the features of each pedal and high quality audio examples to give you an audible idea of what that pedal can do for you.

We also offer free ground shipping on new items.

Welcome to our shop. Let’s get stompin! #dontgetpedalbored

Stomping with Paws - ThePedalGuy   Even doggies get the blues.