Percussion Pedals

While pedals like distortion and delay enhance your sound, percussion pedals introduce a completely separate element into your music. They are used to introduce a percussive element to your music for the purpose of accompaniment. Another term used to describe this type of pedal is a stomp pedal.  

This was a pedal made especially popular in classic blues music and has found its' place in popular music time and time again throughout the years. 

While the original design of the stomp pedal was based around a pickup mounted inside of an enclosure that performing musicians would stomp in time with their music, these pedals have recently taken a leap forward by introducing pedals loaded with digital samples that offer the player a variety of sounds to use, such as cajon, kick drum, cowbell, etc. 

With the still growing trend of Americana styled folk music on the rise in popularity, the stomp pedal is a sure fire way to spice up your sound.