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Let's face it, as much as we love that amp/cabinet sound, it's always a challenge to schlep them around town for gigs. These days, there are multiple floorboard modeling solutions, such as the Headrush or Helix. These model popular amps, cabinets, and pedals to be an all in one solution. 

While these sound great, there's also a desire to go as analog as possible while at the same time keep the weight of the gear down and easy to transport. The good news is that now it's quite possible to achieve this with the Hotone Nano amps and the DigiTech CabDryVR pedal. This is a compact and lightweight solution that will easily fit on your pedalboard providing that analog sound you've been looking for at an affordable price and an incredibly convincing analog sound. 

For those of you that watched our recent Funky Find via our YouTube channel, I went over the CabDryVR at length, so you should watch that video to really get to know the pedal and what it's capable of. While the pedal doesn't model the cabinets, it utilizes a technology known as "impulse responses" where the characteristics of the cabinet has been sampled and processed to be used as a means to introduce a cabinet sound into your signal chain. 

In these quick video clips, I am using a Hotone Heart Attack Amp and routing it to a cabinet in the CabDryVR to create a convincing and very usable Amp/Cabinet combo. 

In this next example I am introducing a touch of reverb into the cabinet sound to give the sound a slightly larger dimension. It should be noted that this step isn't necessary if you're already playing in a large club or auditorium as there's plenty of natural reverb to be had. 


Hopefully, this will give you some ideas on how to achieve that classic amp/cabinet sound for your next gig. Be sure to stay tuned to our upcoming blog post where we'll start building up your pedalboard! 

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