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We recently brought in Deep Trip pedals from Brazil. We found them at this years’ Winter NAMM show and have been patiently waiting for their arrival ever since placing our initial order. Even from the noisy showroom floor, we could hear something different in these pedals. They looked great, were ruggedly constructed, and had a sound that was blissfully retro in both tone and vibe.

Little did we know that US customers were also anxiously waiting for Deep Trip to land in the US. ThePedalGuy brought in a modest amount of inventory to help start the excitement but sold through the entire first shipment of BOG’s and Hell Bender’s in less than a week. Talk about anticipation! We’re now waiting for the next shipment and have received several pre-orders for the next shipment already. The word is getting out there!

In listening closely to these fine fuzz pedals, we noticed that while they all had the same exact layout and parameters, they produced remarkably different tones. This is due to the fact that they are each fashioned after different legacy fuzz pedals from the 60’s and 70’s.

The Kryptone is fashioned after the Vox Tone Bender mkI, the Hell Bender is fashioned after the Tone Bender mkII, and the BOG (Band of Gypsies) pays homage to the classic Fuzz Face. That said, each of these pedals sound completely different from one another. So, to demonstrate that point, we created a quick video to show you the sonic characteristics of each pedal in case you are in the market for one.

They are available at ThePedalGuy! #dontgetpedalbored

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