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Ruach Music Orange Tolex 2 Pedalboard

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The warm colour of our Orange Tolex Pedalboards is both eye-catching and classy. If you can look at this pedalboard and not feel compelled to melt faces with some driving power chords then you deserve a medal.

With dimensions of 42.5x21x8cm (16.75”x8.25”x3.15”), our size 2 pedal board provides a stunning platform for players who are tired of untidy cables and pedals when they are performing. It can hold up to 10 nano sized pedals, and will do so in style.


  • Orange Tolex Finished Pedalboard
  • Non-slip base
  • Comes with Carry Case and Velcro
  • 42.5x21x8cm/16.75”x8.25”x3.15”