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Ruach Music Carnaby Street 3 Pedalboard (3rd Generation)

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London, mid-1960’s: music and fashion come together to help shape one of the most culturally defining decades of the 20th Century. We used this period as our inspiration for the Carnaby Street board, which is reflected in it’s stunning design. Hand crafted in our workshop in Northern Ireland using top quality ash hardwood, each beautiful sunburst finish is applied by hand so no two boards are identical – a nod to the individuality of the 60’s.

Coming in at 61x32x8cm (24″x12.6″x3.15″), the size 3 pedal board is ideal for the serious gigging musician, or for someone who simply wants an amazing looking board to complete their playing rig – offering the ability to hold up to 14 Standard Boss Effects Pedals, with space underneath to mount your power supply. This board offers the option to install up to 6 Ruach Solderless Locking Jacks, doing so by purchasing the ‘Ruach Pedalboard Locking Jack Adaptor V6’ and installing on the sides of the pedalboard. The 45mm (1.75″) Power Port on the side of the pedalboard also allow offers the ability to install an AC Pedalboard Power Inlet – these features making Ruach Pedalboards the most customizable pedalboards on the market! Ready to go out of the box, this pedalboard comes with self-adhesive premium hook-and-loop velcro, an arrangement of zip ties for tidying cables and a quality Ruach soft case meaning you will be jamming in no time! 


  • Ash Hardwood
  • 3rd Generation Ruach Pedalboard
  • Quality Sunburst Lacquer Finish
  • Ability to install Ruach Solderless locking jacks and AC Power Inlet (not included)
  • Rubber Feet
  • Comes with Free Soft Case, Zip Ties and Self Adhesive Velcro
  • 61x32x8cm (24″x12.6″x3.15″)