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Lounsberry Pedals Smilin' Jack Fuzz Pedal OPEN BOX

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A Fuzz With Personality

Smilin' Jack is a reboot of a classic Lounsberry pedal of the past. As we know, not all fuzz pedals sound alike and the ones that stand the test of time have a unique personality. That's where our friend Smilin' Jack comes into play. 

With just a little Drive engaged, Jack smiles and growls with the best of them, making it a perfect pedal to add a little bite to your leads. Play full chords with confidence, Jack won't muddy up the tonal complexities. At least not yet... 

Turn the Drive to noon, and Jack gets a lot more aggressive. This is where the sonic sweetness of favorite fuzz pedals from years passed. The chords begin to heat up and melt into sonic bliss.

Crank the Drive to its maximum setting and sonic meltdown is the name of the game. Jack's fuzzy tones are stunning and ready to find a lead line to decimate. 

Top Reasons to buy

  • Very natural warm sounding circuit
  • All Analog circuit
  • All Discrete - No ICs or Surface Mount components
  • True Bypass - 9V Battery Included