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Cable Wrangler

Cable Wrangler Cable Management Tool Black

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The Cable Wrangler holds up to 12 cables totaling 100 pounds when used with our custom Bungee Balls and was created for anyone looking for effective and reliable cable management and organization. If you’re tired of untangling, it’s time to invest in the Cable Wrangler cable management tool.

Are you sick of dealing with tangled cables, cords, Christmas lights, and ropes? If you get frustrated with things that tend to tangle themselves (a process we refer to as “spaghettification”), then the Cable Wrangler is for you! Simple yet effective, our cable management products are sturdy, reliable and versatile. It can be used in the studio, on construction job sites, while out on the road, backstage, in the server room, and at home in your garage. Order yours and start enjoying painless organization!

Here's How it Works

Step 1: Loop the Bungee Ball
After you have coiled your cable, wrap  the Bungee Ball cord around one side of the loop.

Step 2: Pull the Ball Through

After you’ve wrapped the bungee, thread the ball through the loop. Pull up to tighten the Bungee Ball around your coiled cable.

Step 3: Place the Bungee Ball in Cable Wrangler

Attach the Bungee Ball to any of the twelve specially designed cups on the Cable Wrangler. The cord hangs from the bottom.Once you’ve placed the Bungee Ball in the Cable Wrangler, you can rest assured that your cable will be held securely.