Ruach Music

Ruach Music Hand Made Birch Switch Cajon

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Our entire cajon range has been intently designed with flexibility in mind, giving musicians total freedom when playing. With the Switch, we sought to implement the same high level of adaptive playability while engineering a cajon specifically for jamming and gigging purposes. The internal design has been tailored to make the bass and snare tones highly distinguishable, while the birch wood body helps retain that signature Ruach characteristic. The addition of the innovative instant snare switch gives the player immediate control over the contact between the snare wires and the tapa, providing a secure lock on/lock off mechanism. This feature coupled with the rebated sound hole makes the Switch perfect for sitting in a mix amongst other instruments or simply producing those pronounced Ruach tones during a solo jam.


  • Instant Snare Switch
  • Rebated Ruach Sound Hole
  • Birch Body
  • Rubber Feet
  • 50x32x30cm