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Using Pedals with Synths - Creative Connections

Combining pedals with synths seems like a obscure idea to those of us who are using them with our guitars and basses. Electronic artists have been using them for some time. I vividly remember putting my Ensoniq Mirage’s cowbell sample through my trusty Boss Turbo Overdrive and just being blown away with the growling new texture I was able to add into my music. That was way back in the 90's.

As there are so many great synths and pedals, I thought it might be interesting to demonstrate what's possible with today’s latest synths and pedals.

The synth I used for this demo was the Akai Timbre Wolf, which is a four voice analog synth with onboard sequencer. Each voice from the Timbre Wolf has its one individual output, making for some interesting combinations, as each voice could be routed to its own pedal or combination of pedals.

And here are the pedals and routing I used for this demo video.

  • Voice #1 (Single bass note): EBS Octabass
  • Voice #2 (Bass sequence countermelody): Walrus Audio Julia Chorus + Palmer Analog Delay
  • Voice #3 (Midrange melody): Red Witch Fuzz God II + Morley Volume/Wah
  • Voice #4 (Main melody): ENGL Reaper Distortion + Hofner Sound of the 60s

Each output was routed to a mixer then sent off to the audio input of the camera.

Most of these pedals are available here at ThePedalGuy. Be sure to let us know if you enjoyed this demo.

Until next time.


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