Pedals and Where it all started.

For anyone that's been using pedals for nearly 30 years, I would bet the farm that they wouldn't remember, or for that matter still own their first pedal. While the older versions of us tend to collect and hang on to those precious little stomp boxes, the kid in all of us likely traded in that first pedal to go to the next level. 

This was not the case for me. I actually still own and use my first pedal, which is a classic Boss Turbo Overdrive (OD2) from way back in the late 80's. It was a Christmas gift from my parents that I just couldn't let go of. Even to this day, it's got the growl that I crave for a little RnR in addition to the Turbo mode that applies a heavier distortion akin to that classic 80's thrash metal. It really is a jack of all trades sort of pedal. 

While I couldn't let go of that pedal, I obsessed about getting my second pedal to compliment the sound, so I set my sites on a new Boss Flanger, which was a mere $100 at my local music store. While that doesn't seem like a lot of money now, at the tender age of 13, it was a small fortune. But being the obsessive little guitarist I was back then, I was determined to put together enough cash to buy it. Challenge Accepted!

I must have probably done more chores around the house that summer and fall than I could ever remember and if memory serves, I was able to pull a couple of babysitting jobs around the neighborhood (yes, boys can babysit folks) and before too long I scrapped together enough money to pick it up. 

When I plugged it in, I absolutely freaked out with the sounds it could make. I vividly recall trying different connections, like putting it before and after the overdrive to see what kind of sounds it could make. And then when I combined it with the spring reverb in my old Fender Sidekick amp, it was sonic bliss. I knew at that moment I was hooked on creating new sounds, which led a long and fruitful career in music technology. 

And now at nearly 43, I have found that going back to my roots and trying to share that enthusiasm with musicians from all walks of life is what fueled my passion for starting this web store. Everyone's got a story and there's mine. Please share yours as well! 

Until next time!

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