New to ThePedalGuy - The NUX Roctary Rotary Overdrive, and Octave FX Pedal

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We're always on the prowl for new pedals to debut here at ThePedalGuy and this brand caught our eye at a recent local trade show. NUX (pronounced New Ex) is a company that's been around for some time now, so it may be a name you're familiar with. And now, just in time for the holiday's NUX has released a series of well built, well designed pedals that have a lot more going for them than meets the eye. 

The first of several NUX pedals to be introduced on our store over the next couple of week is the Roctary. This is a multi-effects pedal that includes a great sounding rotary effect, tube like overdrive, and two octave generators (+1 and -1). Additionally, the pedal has stereo outputs, expression pedal input, and a MicroUSB port to update the firmware. 

We'll be sure to release a demo video in the near future, so in the meantime, have a look at what's in the box. 

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