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The Deep Trip Stormy Monday Overdrive Pedal

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The new Stormy Monday is the result of almost ten years of development from concept, to actual circuits and extensive testing, in order to bring to life Deep Trip’s first overdrive unit. By combining all our experience on high quality fuzz projects and the most desired features of classic tube amp saturation, we came up with a brand new circuit (not based in anything from the past or present) that aims to bring to the overdrive pedal realm the qualities shared by high quality fuzz units and classic tube amps: rich harmonic content, complex textures and amazing dynamics, closely interacting with the playing. Do not expect the Stormy Monday to sound boxy, with limited frequency response and with flat response to pick attack or different instruments. It's alive! 

Its unique and peculiar circuit was designed to alternate soft and hard clipping character that interact with the intensity of saturation to offer all the dynamic response of an excellent tube amplifier, reacting immediately to your attack, opening up beautifully, sounding wild when under pressure and velvety when played softly.