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The Deep Trip Muffasaur Fuzz Pedal

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The new Deep Trip Muffasaur, originated from preserved DNA of prehistoric creatures, brings fresh air, heavy thumps and lots of midrange definition to the muff universe. 

Although rooted between the Trianglezoic and Ramsheadozoic eras, this wild beast is no ordinary monster.The core circuit is modded for fine balance and perfect wave symmetry, so it not only sounds great in all settings, but also allows you to have complete dynamic control over the tone just by varying pick attack!

Besides from a refined tone sweep and fuller bottom end, it sports two new, game changing controls: the Deep Trip favorite "Lows" (from thick fuzzy bottom to tight and focused attack) and the all new "Mids" (from typical full scoop to strong boost).

The Mids control is very different from all the others we've tried before. It's not easy to get both the full scoop and a big boost from a single control with a smooth and controlled sweep, but that's exactly what we wanted and wouldn't settle for less. You get that famous characteristic mid scoop at minimum, but you can gradually add midrange frequencies as you need. Just a little and you keep the main tone,  but bring your guitar to the front of the mix like you never could with a muff; add a lot and you get to a completely different territory, with lots of mid boosted fuzz/drive tones!