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Singular Sound MIDI Maestro Controller for BeatBuddy and Aeros Open Box

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This is an open boxed unit that has only been used in the TPG studio for product videos. It includes a full manufacturers warranty.

The Only MIDI Foot Controller with Built in Screens and a Mobile App for on the Fly Customization!

You've never had this much control over the beat, and it's all with your feet. This is the only MIDI Footswitch built from the ground up to work with the BeatBuddy. It ships with a BeatBuddy Mode working right out of the box to boost your BeatBuddy with the following abilities:

  • Hands-free content control! Never bend down during a show to change a song again!
  • The ability to choose song parts out of order, including going to the past part.
  • Single BPM tempo adjustment.
  • Double time.
  • Half time.
  • Easy to format expression pedal tempo control.
  • Live tap tempo.
  • Expanded accent hit options including clap, snare, tambourine, hi-hat, and kick.
  • Single-press stop.

Experience full control over your live sound.

This is the best MIDI Controller for live song and loop creation. The MIDI Maestro also features an Aeros Loop Studio mode. It works right out of the box to boost your Aeros Loop Studio with these abilities:

  • Hands-free song control.
  • Single-press track muting/unmuting.
  • One-press undo/redo. · Single-touch new song part recording.
  • One-touch new track recording.
  • Mute/unmute any track (not selection specific).
  • Play song parts out of order.
  • A customizable high visibility screen for each button so you’ll never have to fuss with tape and marker again
  • Included presets for your favorite Singular Sound gear like the BeatBuddy and Aeros and a custom preset for any MIDI Devices you can imagine
  • Mobile app makes it easier than ever to set up MIDI enabled devices with built in commands for popular gear
  • Dynamic page system that results in more power at your foot without increasing the pedal’s footprint.
  • Ability to Daisy chain MIDI Maestro’s together for unlimited control