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Ruach Music Orange Tolex 2.5 Pedalboard

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The warm colour of our Orange Tolex Pedalboards is both eye-catching and classy. If you can look at this pedalboard and not feel compelled to melt faces with some driving power chords then you deserve a medal.

Sized at 46x32x8cm, the size 2.5 pedal board has so much spec packed into it’s modest housing, holding 8 Boss Effects Pedals comfortably – its the middle child of our Size 2 and 3 boards. This board offers the ability to install up to 6 Ruach Solderless Locking Jacks via the predrilled outlets on each side of board –  allowing you to simply plug in an input and an output and play, with absolute peace of mind that no leads are going to come loose mid solo!



  • Orange Tolex Finished Pedalboard
  • Non-slip base
  • 6x Ruach Solderless locking jack outlets
  • Comes with Carry Case and Velcro
  • 46x32x8cm