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Ruach Music Kashmir 2 Pedalboard

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John Bonham’s no nonsense drumming accompanied by Jimmy Page’s thick guitar tones make Led Zepplin’s Kashmir one of the most instantly recognisable songs in Rock history. Driven by a layer of almost unnerving orchestral strings, the song is a truly unforgettable listening experience. With the introduction of our Kashmir pedalboards we believe we have created a line of products which are equally as pronounced. Hand crafted using the finest walnut and oak, the Kashmir pedalboards are a timeless extension to any guitar rig. The hand rubbed oil finish compliments the natural, radiant tones of the wood and cures to a satin finish.

With dimensions of 42.5x21x8cm, our size 2 pedal board provides a stunning platform for players who are tired of untidy cables and pedals when they are performing. It can hold up to 10 nano sized pedals, and will do so in style. For a capacity indicator, check out the gallery below.


  • Walnut and Oak hardwoods
  • Hand rubbed oil finish
  • Non-slip base
  • Comes with Carry Case and Velcro
  • 42.5x21x8cm/16.75”x8.25”x3.15”