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Rock Stock Pedals The Bright Switch USB Pedalboard & Utility Light

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Don’t let poorly lit venues affect your performance. Need to see your pedals? Set list? The Bright Switch™ pedal board light is the solution. With the new dual USB design you can light things up and charge your iPhone or other USB device at the same time. Have a larger pedal board? Use 2 LED lamps and double your coverage. Use your pedal power supply lead from 9-24VDC and it will be converted to proper 5V USB power. For devices requiring more current than your power supply can handle, a 9V 2A power adapter is included.


• Small footprint
• 2 USB Connections (switched and always on)
• Indicator LED for switched connection
• Will convert 9-24VDC to 5V USB power
• Includes Mighty Bright® USB LED Light
• 9V 2A power supply included for high current devices