Ortega Sea Devil Pedal Tuner and USB Connectable LED Lights

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The Ortega Sea Devil pedal is both a chromatic tuner and a lighting solution for your pedal board. It's an ideal solution for live musicians that want to both stay in tune and easily see their pedals. LET THERE BE LIGHT...on your pedal board. The first pedal board tuner with USB connectable LED lights (included!)

Features Include

  • Tuning range: A0 (27.5Hz) - C8 (4,186Hz)
  • Accuracy: +/- 1cent
  • Calibration: 436-445 Hz
  • Flat mode: b, bb, ,bbb
  • Fully chromatic
  • Input: 1/4" input jack & USB for light
  • Output: 1/4" output jack
  • Power: 9V DC adapter (not included - ORTEGA PRS9500 - EU/US recommended)
  • USB lights turn on automatically when connected to pedal tuner via USB port
  • 2-Year Warranty