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Ortega QUANTUMloop Bundle with QUANTUMexp Trigger Pedal

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The Ortega QUANTUMloop Bundled with the QUANTUMexp Trigger Pedal

Multi Digital Percussion Stomp Box and Looper

Change between sounds on the fly. With 20 Samples and a Looper, your possibilities are endless. 

Choose between 16 DIFFERENT built-in drum & percussion samples  

Add 4 Custom Samples (2 per bank) via USB. 


  • 16 pre-installed sounds
  • 4 empty slots for custom samples
  • Built-in looper with unlimited  numbers of overdubs
  • Loop length: Up to 5 minutes
  • Software for uploads & erase (free online download) Mac & Windows
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Solid mahogany wood housing
  • Non-slip bottom coating & foot rest
  • IN & OUT 6.3 mm (¼”) jack – true discrete pass-through
  • FREE 9V certified quality power supply included

QUANTUMexp - expression trigger pedal

For maximum performance add the QUANTUMexp to your QNUATUMloop setup. Once connected with the QUANTUMloop via “trigger input“ the sounds of BANK B are under the control of QUANTUMexp.

The QUANTUMexp operates “active“ and includes a 9 V battery