Ortega Horse Kick V2 Digital Stomp Box/ Cajon Bass

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Now in Stock, the New Ortega Horse Kick V2! Featuring a Discrete Pass Through from Input to Output. 

The Ortega HORSE KICK V2 digital stomp box is a great tools for guitarists, singers, songwriters and street performers wanting to add a percussive element to any performance. With a digitally sampled cajon bass the Horse Kick V2 is way ahead of any existing analog/acoustic stomp boxes eliminating feedback and the surrounding noises. Just connect your favorite Horse Kick to any amplifier or sound system and enhance your solo performance. 

Horse Kick Features

  • NEW ! 6,3 mm (1/4") input & output jack
  • Connect your guitar, bass or any other stringed instrument with a true discrete pass-through from input to output)
  • Digital sample of a "Cajon Bass" sound - just tap your foot
  • Comfortable ergonomic design for foot tapping
  • Solid ash wood housing
  • Non-slip bottom coating
  • Velocity sensitive for an expressive experience
  • Seamless volume control to adjust percussion sound
  • Powered by power supply
  • Free power supply included