Ortega ANNAlog Percussion Stomp Box

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The Ortega Annalog stomp box is an analog solution for guitarists, singers, songwriters and street performers wanting to add a percussive element to any performance. Unlike the Horse Kick family, the Annalog is a completely analog stomp box, armed with a powerful piezo pickup it will give you the traditional blues stomp sound quick and easy. The Annalog requires no battery or power adapter. Simply plug your guitar to the input and connect the output to your favorite amp. 

Annalog Features

  • No battery or power supply needed
  • input & output  - only one channel needed!
  • Comfortable ergonomic design for foot tapping
  • Solid Cherry wood housing
  • Non-slip bottom coating
  • Minimized sourrounding noise
  • Maximized  bass punch
  • Seamless volume control to ajdust
  • the level of bass punch
  • 1/4 input jack
  • 1/4 output jack
  • true discrete pass-through to output