NuX Flanger Core Pedal for Guitar and Bass

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Intense Flanger Producing a broad range of sound samples, dramatically enhancing the effect of any kind of amplified musical instrument and even voice or percussive instruments The capabilities of the Flanger Core are numerous and astounding.

Effects such as rotating speakers, chilling vibrato, jet sounds, resonance modification, intensified studio flanging with 2 different modes.

You can save your presets with using T-Lock switch and protect your sound against any accidents while you perform on the stage. Also you can carry your presets everywhere with "save your parameters as preset" option to recall your settings whenever you want.


  • Two types of flanger effect: normal and tape
  • Tone lock function to avoid improper operation and one preset save/recall
  • True bypass design, minimize loss of tone and get more control of pedal
  • Aluminum alloy housing and good durability
  • 4 control knobs: Rate, depth, width, feedback