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Mad Professor Royal Blue Overdrive Pedal

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the royal Blue overdrive offers a wide range of t from light overdrive to distortion, or, with the drive rolled all the way off, can serve as boo with eQ. filtering is limited on the overdrive to
that you can tailor with the treble and Bass knobs.
one of the most valued attributes of an overdrive pedal is touch sensitivity. like the best boutique amps, at low to moderate distortion levels, the royal Blu od lets you determine the amount of breakup you determine the amount of breakup by how hard you strike the strings with your pick, and/or by adjusting the volume knob on your guitar. the royal Blue can add this level
of expressiveness to any clean or slightly overdriven amplifier.

ImpOrTANT: for best r lts you should not use a buffered pedal b een you instrument and the royal Blue o .

• Volume: sets the overall output level the pedal.
• Drive: controls the of breakup,
boost to overdrive, to distortion. maximum dynamic response
set this knob to the level where amount of grit is controllable with picking force.
• Treble: this boost/cut “shelving” type equalizer controls the amount of high end, operating in the same as “Presence”
amplifiers. treble can be used to add shimmer to even bright amplifiers
without interfering with their own treble boost.
• Bass: this boost/cut shelving type equalizer controls the low end, just above resonance of a standard 4x12 cabinet.

With both Bass and reble turned up, you can get a scooped hea y tone, while tur bs down produc s a soft mid-boost tone.

Mad Professor Royal Blue O erdrive
• Current draw at 9V DC: 3.5mA
• Input impedance: 140K
• Output impedance: 25K
• Voltage range: 7.5-12V’s

6F22 9V battery or DC eliminator 2. m plug center negative and positive sleeve.