Mad Professor

Mad Professor Dual Blue Delay Guitar Pedal

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The Dual Blue Delay pedal from Mad Professor


The rich, fat and warm sound together with the well thought out functions makes the Mad Professor Dual Blue Delay one of the most clever, yet intuitive delay pedals out there.

Mad Professor Dual Blue Delay is exactly what the delay loving modern day musician has been looking for!


SHORT delay has a maximum delay time of 315ms and a fatter tone well suited for slapback and old school echo tones. LONG delay reaches 810ms and is a cleaner delay, great for lead tones or modern ambient. Use MODE/TAP switch to toggle between these two slightly different delay tones.


Keep the MODE/TAP switch depressed for 0,9 seconds to engage both delays (short and long) in parallel. Now you can have the shorter delay ON while toggling the longer delay ON or OFF. Keeping the ON/OFF switch depressed brings you the exciting multi head mode (a must-have for all instrumental rock and Pink Floyd fans). Tapping the MODE/TAP switch twice will of course give you the tap tempo. When using these modes , tapping MODE/TAP switch once will return you to where you were before entering the effect mode.

In addition, the Mad Professor Dual Blue Delay has echo only output(for wet/dry rigs), switchable buffered or true bypass and switchable phase shift for the multi head mode. No need for a special power supply, the pedal runs on 9V 80mA.

An intuitive pedal with but powerful capabilities for the experimenting musician!