Hotone Nano Legacy British Invasion 5W Amp Head

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The Hotone Nano Legacy Series British Invasion 5-Watt Compact Guitar Amplifier Head is the ultimate companion for guitar players who want serious tone wherever they go.

Hotone is proud to introduce the revolutionary Nano Legacy Series Guitar Amplifier Heads—packing timeless tone of classic amp models into two ultra-compact, 5-watt amplifier heads. The Nano Legacy Series amplifier heads are incredibly portable, each weighing exactly a pound, and come loaded up with essential guitar amp features. Combined with premium tone, these Nano Legacy Series amp heads are the perfect addition to any guitar player's arsenal.

The Hotone Nano Legacy Series British Invasion was inspired by the legendary VOX AC30 amplifier. The front panel of the sleek Nano Legacy British Invasion amplifier head consists of a standard guitar input, as well as individual Volume and Gain control knobs to dial in your levels. The British Invasion Amplifier also features a 3-Band EQ with Bass, Middle, Treble controls for additional tonal shaping and a bright LED light indicates that your amp is powered up and ready to go.

Specifically designed to be user-friendly and flexible to any setup, the Nano Legacy Series  British Invasion amplifier head can be played through a 4, 8 or 16-ohm speaker cabinet thanks to the adaptable single speaker output on the back of the unit, and can even be played through your home stereo or computer speakers, ideal for practicing and recording, via 1/8” headphone/line output. The British Invasion amp head also comes with an onboard FX loop (send and return) for integrating external guitar effects and an 1/8” Auxiliary input which allows you to connect and jam along with music or backing tracks on your smartphones or MP3 players.

Thanks to it's maximum portability and excellent tone, the Hotone Nano Legacy Series British Invasion Guitar Amplifier Head is the optimal solution for any guitarist looking for great tone in a small package—whether you're looking for an amp to take along to jam sessions, or need a small amp for your home office or bedroom, the Hotone Nano Legacy Series British Invasion Guitar Amp Head is sure to satisfy.

  • Ultra-Compact, Portable Guitar Amplifier Head
  • Inspired by the Legendary VOX AC30
  • Separate Volume and Gain Knobs
  • 3-Band EQ with Bass, Middle, and Treble Controls
  • FX Loop for Integrating External Effects
  • Single Speaker Output for Use with 4, 8 or 16-ohm Cabinets
  • 1/8” Aux Input for Playing Along with MP3 Players or Smartphones
  • 1/8” Headphone/Line Output for Playing Through Home Stereo or Computer Speakers