Hofner Handmade Bass Fuzz Pedal Limited Edition

Regular price $299.99

The Hofner Handmade Bass Fuzz pedal is a true find for bassists looking for that classic 60s bass fuzz tone in an attractive limited edition pedal. 

Individually handmade and uniquely engineered for Hofner this bass fuzz pedal delivers stunning tones. The pedal was specially tuned to work with the Hofner range of bass guitars and their unique sound. A creamy low level of fuzz can be increased to a cutting full on roar from your bass allowing you to punch through the rest of the band if necessary. The tone has been carefully tuned to give that unique sound from the 60s when groups first started to use FX pedals, including The Beatles. This pedal, though, is designed for the bass guitar and makes sure it captures and uses the low level notes of the bass. Original NOS germanium transistors have been used to ensure the most authentic tones from the 1960s. Each pedal is finished with a genuine 1960s raised Hofner logo.


  • Handmade in Germany
  • Limited Edition
  • Durable Metal Chassis 
  • Controls: Volume, Bass, Fuzz
  • True Bypass