Behringer 921A Oscillator Driver Eurorack Module

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Legendary Analog Oscillator Driver Module for Eurorack

Enter the Behringer 921A OSCILLATOR DRIVER. An authentic reproduction of the circuitry from the “Modular 55 and 35” series oscillator drivers used by the world’s most famous pop, rock and jazz musicians. Now you can build your very own, unique synthesizer that can fit in a standard Eurorack case for a very affordable price. Mix and match with specific modules to customize your synth and complement the genre of music you play or go all out and have a room filled from floor to ceiling with modules that’ll fulfill any synth geek’s wildest dreams.

The 921A OSCILLATOR DRIVER module features a frequency knob that can adjust between either octave or semitone frequencies. The included rocker switch can be used to select between the two frequency types. The width of the rectangular wave is adjusted via a control knob that goes from 10% up to 90%. You can also connect any incoming control voltage or modulation signal into either of the 3.5 mm Frequency or Width inputs.

Layering different sounds and beats is the hallmark of any amazing synth jam. That’s why we’ve decided that the 921A not only control just one 921B Oscillator but 12 of them. This provides you with more flexibility and more nuanced waveforms.

Installing the 921A is simple as it was designed to fit into a standard Eurorack case. Just connect the power cables to the power supply and screw in the module using the included screws. This allows for the 921A to be mixed with other synth modules for a truly unique set up.

  • Controls up to 12 parallel 921B OSCILLATOR modules
  • Authentic reproduction of the circuitry from the "Modular 55 & 35" Series
  • Artist roster includes world's most famous pop, rock and jazz musicians
  • 2 summed CV inputs for frequency control and 2 summed CV inputs for PWM
  • High current outputs for frequency and pulse width to drive multiple 921B modules
  • Switchable semitone/octave selector and manual pulse width control
  • Eurorack specs: 8 HP, 15 mA +12 V, 15 mA -12 V
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.