ThePedalGuy VLOG | Using Pedals with Synths Part 3

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At long last, here's part 3 of our ongoing series of using pedals with synths!

In this video, we're using an Arturia Microbrute SE analog synth with the following pedals:

* Digitech Freqout
* Lounsberry Organ Grinder
* NuX Flanger Core
* NuX Monterey Vibe
* NuX Roctary with Expression
* Fuzzrocious Afterlife v2
* DOD Rubberneck

We're also playing guitar, which is plugged into a Hotone Heart Attack amp and routed to the MicroBrute audio input.

And most of the pedals are powered via the Ortega Octopus.

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  • Albert on

    Cool dude, keep up the good work.

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